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with a background in industrial design I have worked for several years as a marketing manager at a market leading building industry supplier. Besides that I had my own agency for the past 6 years helping organisations with marketing and design projects. Since 2017 I am now full-time available to help your business succeed through marketing.

I am fortunate not having studied traditional marketing, since the complete industry has changed. Theories that once worked are now redundant, media that once gained direct results are not measurably effective anymore.


marketing can be divided in three parts remarkability, attention and sales


Everything starts with being remarkable. When your product or service is not remarkable, it will be impossible to market it successful. This is the first step in every project, finding out what makes you, your product, services or anything about your organisation remarkable.


Once you found your remarkability, you will still need to capture the attention of your target group. In a media saturated world this has become harder than ever. Attention is the currency with which your target group pays you.


Even though attention may be a currency it does not automatically convert into actual money on your bank account. This is where the customers journey through your specially developed marketing and sales funnel is important.

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